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24/02/2020 - 21:08




Les Cafés du Quai

| #debate # Science

What if we talked about science around coffee? At the café of the Quai des Savoirs, every Tuesday at 18:00 and some first Sundays of the month at 4pm, the University of Toulouse invite you to come to debate and exchange with the researchers. The "Cafés du Quai" are an invitation to discovery, exchange, sharing and surprise: meetings in which researchers from universities, research organizations and engineering schools from all disciplines present the fruit of their work and share with you their passion for research and the different facets of their profession.


Choreographic course 2018

| #choregraphy # public space

Like every year, the Federal University Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées -INP, UT1, UT2J, UT3- offers a three-time course around dance in the public space. This year, Claudine Trémeaux, dancer and choreographer of Compagnie Matabiau, is associated with the course. She will be present during the two renditions, at the UT3 Paul Sabatier and at the tobacco factory, and will animate the internship, free and open to all.