Thesis available : csc2015

ED: Geosciences Astrophysics and Space Science (SDU2E)
Titre Discipline id
Spectroscopy of complex organic molecules, from the laboratory to star-forming regions in space. Laboratory astrophysics : Molecular spectroscopy 8235
Coupling astrophysical models to the CASSIS line analysis package 7784
Simulation of gamma-ray burst populations detected with the future SVOM space mission 7972
Role of wetlands areas in mitigating contaminant (metals, pesticides, nitrogen) transfer to river system 8070
Characterising the ionospheric response to extreme solar events 8297
Surface atmosphere Nitrogen cycle in semi arid ecosystems 8300
High performance computing for joint inversion of Earth gravity anomalies and seismic data on a regional or a global scale. 9543
Modelling self-purification in rivers from the hydro-morphological unit to the scale of a watershed. 14015
Analysis and modeling of Energetic Neutral Images : application to the Cassini spacecraft at Saturn 14163
Coupling astrophysical models to the CASSIS line analysis package 14740
Using geochemical proxies to understand the cycle of atmospheric dust and mercury in the Holocene 14737
Metals, colloids and organic carbon in the Arctic rivers: from the soil to the estuary 14741
Mercury (Hg) stable isotopes as tracers for atmospheric Hg emissions and transformations 14742
ED: Biology Health and Biotechnologies (BSB)
Titre Discipline id
Control of the balance between neural stem cell maintenance and differentiation 7771
Molecular Mechanisms of action of lipids during Mycobacterium tuberculosis/host interaction 7922
Hematopoiesis and associated leukemia: Drosophila as a model system 7978
Role of adipocyte secretion on age-associated sarcopenia 8113
The role of PI 3-kinases in platelet endocytosis and in thrombosis 9565
Analysis of the physiological mechanisms by which Themis1 and Vav1 cooperate to prevent inflammatory or autoimmune pathology 12238
Study of ancient Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex: Characterization, Coevolution and Phylogeny 12790
Determining the role of the metabolic state in human macrophages during the M. tuberculosis exacerbation of HIV-1 infection 13384
Molecular and epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation induced by Epac during hypertrophy and heart failure 13693
Examining regeneration of left-right asymmetry in the zebrafish brain. 13777
Control of tumor invasion by PKCtheta: identification of upstream and downstream controlling factors 13910
The role of PI 3-kinases in platelet endocytosis and in thrombosis 14475
Reverse Signalling through Transmembrane TNF-alpha in Arthritis. 14325
ED: Physics Chemistry & Material Sciences (SDM)
Titre Discipline id
Biorefinery of aromatic plants for a sustainable production of essential oils, biosourced active molecules and biomaterials 7777
Towards the Elaboration of Novel Type of Glues. 7808
Google matrix analysis of directed networks 7809
Targeting quadruplex nucleic acids with dedicated small molecules 7810
Phenol-Hydrazones for Reversing Oxidative Stress 7917
Ligands with extreme donating character for applications in catalysis 7934
Controlled assemblies of metal nanoparticles of interest in nanocatalysis and biomedicine 7992
Inorganic Chemistry of Amyloid-β: Understanding the role of Cu and Zn in the aggregation and toxicity of amyloid-β complexes 7996
Geminal dianions as precursors for carbene complexes and carbenoid species 8012
Sustainability based decision making framework for bio-refining processes 8082
design of new gold complexes for sigma bond activation and insertion reactions 8105
Ruthenium and Iron complexes bearing multidentate thio-phosphine ligands for the activation of CO2, H2 and N2 8139
Shaped Gold Nanoparticles as Catalysts in Alkyne Activation 8143
New investigations on atomic tunneling 8150
Polymers with switchable bio-recognition for nanomedecine applications 8154
Asymmetric catalysis in ionic liquid media: towards nanocatalytic systems for fine chemistry 8171
Planar chiral, NHC-rhodium(III) complexes by oxidation of NHC-rhodium(I) complexes for the direct functionalization of C-H bonds 8196
New bio-based surfactants and their application in organic reactions in water 8204
Synthesis of new cellulose ethers using metathesis reactions Study of their properties 8205
Synthesis of ligand-functionalized core-cross-linked amphiphilic star block copolymers and application as catalytic nanoreactors 8222
Synthesis and Characterization of Luminescent Gold-NHC-Complexes 8242
Synthesis and Characterization of Bioactive Gold-NHC-Complexes 8246
Synthesis of Endo-Functionalized Three Dimensional Supramolecular Assemblies for Biofuel Production 8255
New generation of nano-scale actuators based on molecular spin state switching 8259
CH bond functionalization of methane 8265
Growth Control of Inorganic Nanoparticles Induced by Thermotropic Liquid Crystals: towards New Hybrid Materials 8278
Bistable Molecular Nanomaterials 8282
Asymmetric catalyst immobilization on solid for continuous flow applications 8283
Spreading, dewetting and motion of an oil drop on a surfactant solution 8351
Synthesis of bismuth–based nanoparticles as new nanomaterials for biological applications 9148
New coordination mode of ambiphilic ligands featuring a B-X central moiety and reactivity of ensuing complexes 8273
Synthesis and Characterization of Bioactive Gold-NHC-Complexes 12560
Direct calculation of the GW Green's function 12914
Solvent-free (ep)oxidation of biomass based substrates using Mo, W and V – based catalysts. 12969
Chemical tweezers for atomic silicon 12741
Fundamental studies for understanding the densification mechanisms involved in Spark Plasma Sintering 13187
Polymers with switchable bio-recognition for nanomedecine applications 13312
Biorefinery of underutilized european and chineese wild mushrooms for a sustainable production of biosourced active molecules 13519
Authentication and quality control of herbal medicines assessed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) 13548
Aluminum alloys used in the aeronautic industry: theoretical studies to design new efficient corrosion inhibitors 13538
Synthesis of ligand-functionalized core-cross-linked amphiphilic star block copolymers and application as catalytic nanoreactors 13558
Organometallic manganese complexes as new alternatives in homogeneous catalysis 13594
Rational design of optically active phosphine and phosphine/NHC ligands using manganese-mediated C-P bond formation processes 13593
Chiral N-Heterocyclic Carbenes for Asymmetric Gold(I) Catalysis 13590
Safe method for the deposition of multifunctionnal nanostructured thin films by PE-CVD 13625
Bioinspired nanosystems made of α helix-structured multifunctional polypeptide polymers 13648
Ultrafast and robust quantum engineering protocols 13643
Functional Supramolecular Materials: High-temperature molecule-based magnets 13755
Design and synthesis of new CERT protein antagonists. 13766
Ligands with extreme donating character for applications in catalysis and in optics 13774
Reductive Functionalization of CO2 13770
New vanadium catalysts for olefin polymerization 13763
Towards molecular QED 13768
Microscopic description of irradiation of clusters and molecules 13788
Ruthenium Nitrosyl Complexes for biological applications 13785
Preparation of eco-compatible Lewis acidic catalysts for organic synthesis 13797
Carbon nanotubes supported enantioselective catalysts 8226
Towards the Elaboration of Novel Type of Glues. 13806
Supported Organometallic Complexes : Grafting Reaction and Reactivity 13555
Spontaneous Gradient Copolymers of Vinyl Monomers 13865
Fundamental study of NanoCarbon/Polymer Nanocomposites 13866
Synthesis and use of upconverted fluorescent nanoprobes suitable for biological imaging and Single Particle Tracking experiments 13870
How to obtain universal solvents from supercritical CO2 ? 13874
Controlled Radical Polymerization of Phosphonated Monomers: Access to new functional materials 13898
Main Group Elements in New RAFT Agents for Controlled Radical Polymerization and Application in Nanohybrids 13947
Chromogenic mechanisms of the blue decoration in the blue and white porcelain during China Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368 AD) 13967
Development of Novel Organometallic Nanocatalysts 13744
Innovative laser welding for high-performance polymers: connecting structural and mechanical properties to process parameters 15670
Study of shear coupled grain boundary migration in metals 13802
Histidine-derived ionic liquids as a versatile amino acid platform for enantioselective organocatalysis 16089
Tf2-Binol as a new scaffold for organocatalysis 16407
Anharmonic effects in one-dimensional quantum liquids 16990
ED: Sciences for Ecology Veterinary Agronomy & Bioengineering (SEVAB)
Titre Discipline id
Function of DUF642 proteins during plant cell wall biogenesis 7782
Morphogenesis in 3D - understanding the emergence of termite nest architectures 7976
Lectin Receptor Kinases and Cell Wall-Sensing Mechanisms 7977
Toxicological effect of new mycotoxins produced by Fusarium species 8285
How symbiotic molecules stimulate lateral root formation in Medicago truncatula 13517
Modulation of tomato fruit development by the ethylene receptor state Plant science 14574
Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms regulating pluripotency and germ cell differentiation in swine 15474
ED: Arts Literature Languages Philosophy Information and Communication (ALLPHA)
Titre Discipline id
Le langage des chiffres dans les processus d'organisation. Communications organisationnelles et performativité 7896
Teaching and learning literacy in connexion with poetry for 5 to 13 years 9898
punctuation in poetry, all the literature and ordinary genres - and its role in reading 13757
The image of the Chinese culture in the Spanish performing arts 13999
ED: Mechanics Energetics Civil & Process Engineering (MEGEP)
Titre Discipline id
Process Intensification: Development of a decision support tool for selection and design of chemical engineering devices. 7910
Continuous oscillatory baffled reactors for fast multiphase reactions 8086
Multiobjective optimization in Process System Engineering: Multi criteria decision analysis in a superstructure problem 8095
Hydrodynamics and mixing of complex fluids in the transitional flow regime in a stirred tank 8129
Processing, cyclic oxidation and mechanical behaviour of sol-gel Thermal Barrier Coatings for aeronautical applications 8169
Towards an integrated combination of membrane-based processes and oxidation for the removal of micropollutants in wastewaters 8256
Phase change materials for efficient energy storage 8426
Effect of inertia in biological locomotion 12762
Treatment of open pit mines wastewater by a coupled ozone technique 13761
Supercritical CO2 and Green Biosourced Solvents: A step forward to cleaner, versatile processes. 13809
Development of Eulerian multi-fluid modeling approach for transfer and transport of heat in reactive fluidized beds 13840
Modeling stationary and transient heat transfer for convective micro-cooling 14312
Design of electrochemical sensors using metallic nanoparticles and organic polymers for the assay of antioxidant biomarkers 14889
Thermomechanical behaviour of impacted composite structures under fatigue loading 15285
Numerical simulation of forming composites with 3D fibre reinforcement by LRI infusion 15581
Mechanical Properties, Fatigue and Behavior of Endodontic Single-files. 16321
ED: Behavior Language Education Socialisation & Cognition (CLESCO)
Titre Discipline id
3D perception in Parkinson disease: Effects of treatment and cortical mechanisms 7921
Neuroimagery of vestibular contribution to 3D perception in humans 7942
Does our brain responses reflect the 3D properties of our surrounding visual space? 12923
ED: Systems (EDSYS)
Titre Discipline id
Towards a design methodology for a robust and dependable systems of systems 7988
ED: Electrical Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications (GEET)
Titre Discipline id
Measurement of space charge distributions: application to the reliability of semiconducting devices in power electronics 8089
Understanding Charge Packets in Polymeric Insulation for Electrical Engineering 8151
Development of Hybrid method on computational electromagnetics 8320
New Concepts for the Prediction of Troposheric Propagation in the Context of Civil Aviation Systems 8260
Properties of CO2-N2 thermal plasmas: application to the SF6 substitution in High Voltage Circuit Breakers 13583
Development of a sleep monitoring and disorder detection device for elderly 13832
Low bandgap III-V nanowires on Silicon 15538
Development of a fiber optic vibrometer for inclinometric measurements of crustal deformation in geophysics 16788
ED: Legal and Political Sciences (SJP)
Titre Discipline id
What model for the intellectual property law in China ? 8110
ED: Mathematics Informatics Telecommunications (MITT)
Titre Discipline id
Cooperative communications in a hybrid cognitive vehicular network with a broadcast component 8146
Modeling spectral and temporal variabilities in hyperspectral image unmixing 8147
Energy Aware Cloud Database 8211
Open Knowledge Bases Aggregation 8301
Contribution to the Automation of Collision Avoidance and Air Traffic Separation 9328
Bayesian motion estimation applied to cardiac ultrasound imaging 14089
ED: Aeronautics & Astronautics (AA)
Titre Discipline id
Piezoelectric resonant transducers for aerospace applications 8277
ED: Time Territory Societies and Cultures (TESC)
Titre Discipline id
China’s Conflicts between its Rural and Urban Generations from the economic perspective (1980-2015) 16953