Enhancing the EOSC portal and connecting thematic clouds

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Domaine de recherche :
Type de financement :
Type d'instrument :
Recherche & Innovation Action
Deadline :
Mercredi 20 Mars 2019
Budget indicatif :
2 millions d'euros max. par projet
Budget total :
2 millions d'euros
Code de l'appel : INFRAEOSC-06-2019-2020
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Specific Challenge:

The aim of this topic is to facilitate wide, user-friendly and cross-disciplinary access to the data and services of the EOSC through the development of the necessary interfaces. The EOSC aims to offer a trusted and open environment for research users of all scientific disciplines across the whole lifecycle of scientific data. This requires concrete solutions to address the current fragmentation of entry points, to avoid duplication of efforts across thematic initiatives and from different scientific disciplines (e.g. multiple portals, web-platforms, websites, etc.). The consolidation of the EOSC hub as "the point of access" for researchers to help and guide them in finding easily the resources they need, is also crucial for the effective delivery of the EOSC services.


(a) Support to the EOSC Portal

This sub-topic aims to provide a fully functional, sustainable and comprehensive user interface that can serve as a universal entry point to the EOSC services.

The proposals will build on the work produced by the eInfraCentral project and provide additional support for the implementation of the EOSC hub to further develop and optimise the functions and interface offered via the EOSC portal. In particular, the successful proposal should incorporate existing scientific gateways and thematic portals developed under FP7 and Horizon 2020 across all work programmes. As the scope of this activity is to provide a single user interface to the EOSC services, at most one proposal is expected to be funded in this area.

Expected Impact:

  • Establish the EOSC as the open-to-all, cross-border and cross-discipline access point for data driven science involving the whole European Scientific Community including the “long-tail” of science.
  • Expanding the relevance of the EOSC as enabler of excellent science and multiplier of impact across disciplines to tackle current and emerging societal challenges

Delegation Exception Footnote:

It is expected that this topic will continue in 2020